Top 5 Tips for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

For most people, providing customer service seems simple. Be polite, don’t be dismissive of the customer and the problem trying to be solved; good common sense. But what if “good” customer service isn’t enough? Adequate customer service may suffice for the time being, but doing the bare minimum is not what makes your business memorable in a customer’s mind, and it rarely brings back repeat customers, which is what has a positive impact on your business. In order to win over customers and entice them to return to your business, it takes a little more than “good” service to make a great connection.  We’ve compiled the top 5 tips to deliver exceptional customer service, and bring customers back to your business.

  1. Great Customer Service Begins With You
    This seems obvious, but many business owners forget that their employees are following their lead. How you treat your customers sets an example for how your employees will treat them. If you are eager and courteous to your customers your employees will follow suit.
  2. Treat Your Customers Like You Would Want To Be Treated
    Think about a time when you had a great customer service experience and how you left that situation feeling. Now think about a time when you didn’t have such a great experience. It’s key to think about those situations when dealing with your own customers. When a customer feels truly cared for, they are more like to come back to your business.
  3. Don’t Try To Rush To Resolve A Dispute
    Where many problems come up is when a customer is feeling exasperated, and in turn the customer representative feels heightened anxiety. To keep the conversation calm in order to solve the problem, follow these simple steps:
              - Acknowledge the problem
              - Apologize, even when you think you are right
              - Accept responsibility for the problem, even if it was not necessarily your fault
              - Lighten the conversation with an agreement to fix the customer’s problem
              - Assure the customer you will follow through with their problem.
  4. Build Trust
    This can weigh heavily on how long your Average Handle Time (AHT) is. But many times customer representatives forget to build a good rapport with the customer, causing them to either lose a sale or for that customer to not return to your business. Customers don’t want to feel like they are just used as an ATM, if anything they want to feel like the customer representative is on their side and not trying to up sell them.
  5. Listen
    The bottom line is that most customers just want to be heard, and to know that their problem is being taken seriously. If a customer representative is only trying to upsell customers on a product, or if a customer feels as though they are being used as a piggy bank, it’s very unlikely they will come back to your business. Let the customer do most of the talking, then use their own words throughout the process to let them know they’ve been heard. 

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