Replicating Your Unique Brand & Culture

Envision what it would be like to be a customer of your organization and what that interaction would look like. Great customer service teams add value to your brand – increasing customer loyalty, revenue and market share.

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A Brand Is Not Just Your Logo, A Website or Your Business Card. It Is An Experience.

Not just any experience, however, your experience. An experience which can influence purchasing decisions of your customer. That is why whatever you do, however you do it – The Connection® will work with your organization to replicate your unique customer experience.

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Tips for Managing Your Brand.

What characteristics or attributes does your brand have? How would it respond to customer complaints? Is it edgy? Accommodating? Genuine? Identifying the personality characteristics of your brand will make it easier for you to articulate how your brand should be represented to your employees and outsourcers.

Once your brand has entered the market, monitoring conversations about what is being said about your company, products or services is crucial to proper brand management. Not only understanding where your consumers interact online, but having a presence that provides immediate response will ensure you can not only direct the conversation about your company, but can help you turn detractors of your brand into loyal clients.

The Connection® offers social media solutions to assist with your online presence and monitoring in two phases:

  • Page Monitoring – providing immediate responses to posts and comments on your social media pages. We also make sure to escalate any customer service issues to your team for proper handling if it may be necessary.
  • Reputation Monitoring – The Connection® will monitor the web for any comments of your products, services or organization allowing you to engage and interact on platforms you may be unaware are utilized.

In addition, The Connection® offers after call surveys using two of the most common metrics to gather customer opinions in today’s standards – CSAT and Net Promoter Score, or NPS, for ongoing reputation and interaction benchmarking and management.

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Once you have developed your brand personality, you will need show those who are representing your brand in the marketplace how to emulate your brand personality for a customer experience unique to your company through training scenarios.

This training is immersive and covers all aspects of your company, products, solutions, how it benefits the client, and how it compares to the competition.

The more information your representatives have on how your brand would “act” in a variety of situations based on its personality, the better equipped they will be to embody your brand during any customer interaction that may arise.

A brand is a living, breathing thing. As new situations arise due to technology advancements, changes in process or new product development, you will need to include those scenarios and how your brand personality would engage as part of your training process.

Additionally, ongoing training is crucial for any organization and brand. Provide ongoing training to your representatives. Knowledge bases, brand guidelines and identity guides are a few of the items that can be used to help on a day to day basis.

The Connection® provides a full consulting service that can assist with training curriculum development, review of existing training programs, or provide eLearning platforms for on the go training. Contact us for more information.