Never Let A Single Email Go Unanswered: Call Center Email Response Solutions

Today, email is the prime channel for service and support and are treated with the same level of urgency as phone calls with customers using email to communicate with companies on their own time, day or night. In return, customers expect not only quick and accurate information, but personalized responses as well. That's where we can help.

Quick, Accurate & Personalized Email Response

Every call center providing email support services will say they can provide quick and accurate outsource email responses, but today's customer needs more. Today's customer needs a more personalized customer experience. Customers taking the time to reach out to your organization are looking for personalized assistance. They want immediate feedback that their email was received, and a quick response that acknowledges and addresses their inquiry. 

The Connection® outsourced email support services provide company branded, personalized customer experiences for every communication within a specified response time. We provide outsource email response for:

  • Customer Inquiries and Web Generated Forms
  • Customer Service Inquiries
  • Tech Support Services
  • Help Desk Services
  • General Customer Inquiries
  • Customer Concerns
  • Customer Questions
  • Customer Complaints
  • Customer Follow Up

We also offer quick scaling of our email response teams to accommodate unexpected email volumes resulting from system outages, product recalls, data breaches and rapid response situations.

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Customizable, Scalable Email Response Outsourcing

Working within your email system or ours, we can create auto-responses, prioritize email delivery and routing as well as provide intelligent Q&A pairings creating the ability to provide response recommendations to Agents based on the email content received.

Agents are specially trained and capable of providing scripted or free form customer service email responses, tailoring personalization to the level your company prefers. Our teams are regularly monitored to ensure consistent, high quality customer experiences are delivered with every communication. 

Our Client branded outsource email response solutions provide:

  • Email Prioritization and Delivery Routing To Manage Incoming Email and Web Forms
  • Intelligent Q&A Pairing  – Send Auto-Responses and Provide Response Recommendations to Agents 
  • Contractually Guaranteed Email Response Times
  • Complete Omni Channel Approach Tracking Customer Interactions & History Across Any Device, or Service Channel
  • Quality Monitoring of Email Response Teams Ensuring Consistent, High Quality Customer Experiences
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities and Tracking of Customer Queries Including Analytics and Real-Time Alarms for Operational Performance Management 
  • Flexibility to Work with Existing Systems or Utilize The Connection® Omni Channel Email Response Platform

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