The Connection®: U.S. Based Call Center Outsourcing for B2B and B2C Companies

Whether you're new to call center outsourcing or are looking for a change that better fits your business needs, The Connection® is 100% invested and committed to the success of our Clients and will stop at nothing to ensure that success. 

Who We Are

For over 35 years, The Connection® has been providing innovative call center outsourcing for B2B and B2C organizations looking for a cost-effective way to scale and grow their business. We focus on providing value to our customers through performance elevation and program efficiencies that enable us to drive sales, loyalty and increase Client revenue. This focus has supported our drive to bring our expertise to others, creating additional services to help internal centers optimize operations and elevate performance through our call center consulting and call center training service programs.

Since our inception, The Connection® has maintained an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. We don't believe in one size fits all program approaches. Instead, we focus on serving as a strategic and collaborative partner who works with you to develop your program from the ground up. This service model, our ability to rapidly scale across our multiple U.S. based locations, as well as our strategic partnership with nearshore and offshore centers to support our Client's needs, has made The Connection® one of the leading, award winning call center providers in the nation. 

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What We Offer

More than simply a call center, The Connection® prides itself on being an engagement center for our Clients.  In addition to the types of calls we handle, we offer:

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Our Approach to Client Success

There is no box that customer service fits into – no one size fits all call center solution. Each customer experience is a journey and every journey is unique. Your call center program should reflect your uniquely branded customer journey, not what we or another organization thinks it should be.  We understand that you have spent considerable time, money and resources on building a brand, that’s why we take the time to understand end to end customer experience your way – no matter what you do, no matter how you do it. We train our Agents to become brand ambassadors for your organization, delivering a Gold standard customer experience you can be proud to call your own.  

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While other companies say they offer customized services – allowing you to select a customizable base package or select options from a list of services, The Connection® offers true program customization from the ground up. Whether new to call center outsourcing or looking for a partner that better fits your needs, The Connection® offers the freedom to customize your program, finding the right combination of solutions to connect with customers on the platform they prefer. We use our extensive call center experience, industry knowledge and best practices to craft customized call center solutions based on your specific program goals – no pre-developed call center packages or cookie cutter approaches, The Connection® offers personalized, tailored white glove service every customer interaction, every time.

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The ability to openly customize can be intimidating, we get it. It’s the equivalent of going on vacation to a country you have little or no knowledge about and trying to create an unforgettable experience. That’s where we come in. Our Solutions Team act as your guides for all things call center. During the discovery process, we’ll discuss your budget, what you want the end result to be and success factors for both customer experience and business results. Using our extensive industry knowledge and over 150 years of combined industry experience, our team will create a customized program uniquely tailored to your business and customer facing needs. A dedicated Client Service Manager will be along for the ride every step of the way, tracking and handling your day to day account management, allowing you to be as hands on or as hands off as you want to be, secure in the knowledge that we’ll find a path to maximize your program and ensure you, and your customers, receive the best possible experience. 

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We offer proactive, results driven performance. From the time we set up your program, our Client Service Manager monitors Agent performance, program performance and customer experience metrics – identifying potential areas for improvement and providing recommendations designed to elevate performance and optimize efficiencies. As a privately held company with a flexible structure, we act in the best interest of our Client with the ability to make quick decisions and program changes to ensure your program delivers where you need it to, even if those parameters change with short notice.

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We pride ourselves on the fact that we are 100% client focused.  From senior management to our client service representatives, we encourage Client interaction with their call center team inviting complete transparency into the center and Agents. We also take the time to invest in the facilities, celebrating the brand of the Client through custom branded workstations, product displays, product use and demonstration spaces, and employee engagement programs that highlight the Client’s product, creating a unique environment that takes customer service to a new level. 

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The Connection® takes call center services to a whole new level extending past a call center into an engagement center that focuses on customer experience, loyalty and retention. We customize each call center program providing a personalized, white glove customer experience designed to emulate the service your customer would receive had they come directly to you for service and support. We invest in our people, providing highly tenured and experienced Agents to deliver high quality, high caliber customer experiences. 

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Meet the Team

  • Fred Weiner Fred Weiner President & Founder Since the founding of The Connection┬« in 1981, Fred has played an active role in the strategic and day-to-day operations of the organization, developing new and innovative ways to improve Client operations and continually enhance customer experiences. Linkedin
  • Paul Howe Paul Howe VP, Business Development Paul oversees the Business Development team, connecting companies with personalized, scalable outsource solutions for call center customer service, call center consulting and training & development solutions. Additionally, Paul is an integral player in developing custom eLearning and training packages for existing call centers. Linkedin
  • Ken Unruh Ken Unruh VP, Chief Technology Officer Ken has been involved with outsource service organizations for over 27 years. Ken is responsible for all aspects of The Connection┬« technology which are used to provide innovative business solutions and integration services for our clients. Linkedin
  • Karen Danielson Karen Danielson Director of Marketing Karen specializes in all things brand related. From Voice of the Customer(VoC) to social media, online reputation management and the creation of additional service lines, Karen focuses on enhancing and upgrading experiences for our Clients and their customers. Linkedin
  • Cyndi McDurmott Cyndi McDurmott VP, Human Resources Cyndi has worked in the human resources field for over 20 years, overseeing strategic initiatives for talent acquisition, retention, and employee engagement. Linkedin
  • Craig Gutoske Craig Gutoske Director of Finance With over 20 years of experience, Craig joined The Connection team in 2002. He is responsible for the overall financial management of the company, its financial reporting & transparency, and for multiple corporate functions including audit, tax and long-range planning. Linkedin