Immersive, Interactive & Engaging eLearning Solutions

The Connection® offers a variety of eLearning options designed to provide interactive, immersive and consistent training for customer service agents and representatives specific to your brand and organization.  All of our eLearning solutions are designed to work within an LMS system, offering a seamless user experience for your personnel.

We have found eLearning to improve overall quality of training and allow learners to quickly adapt to new products, systems, and company culture while targeting specific business challenges.

Employee performance directly correlates to training and how well it prepares your staff for every day scenarios and customer experience. However, training, especially initial training, is a large part to any organization budget often with slow return until new employees become acclimated to the business.

Utilizing an eLearning platform as part of a blended training program enables organizations to realize ROI faster by efficiently, effectively, and cost consciously training users, preparing them for the production floor faster than strictly classroom based learning. Organizations that have utilized our eLearning platform have recognized additional cost savings through:

  • Employee Retention;
  • Increased Employee Morale;
  • Increased Employee Knowledge;
  • Increased Employee Interaction;
  • Reduced Training Time;
  • Higher Level of Comprehension Regarding Job Duties;
  • Reduction in Communication Deficiencies.

Using various levels of interactivity to design your course, The Connection® can appropriately address business objectives/drivers while keeping an eye on business constraints which include timeframe and budget.