Customer Support The Way It Should Be

Great customer service is not simply about answering the phone – it is engaging with a partner who works as an extension of your brand and can help increase customer loyalty, revenue, and market share.

The Connection® will replicate your brand and culture in every customer interaction – taking care of them as if we were you.

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Reliable, Accurate & Authentic To Your Brand.

Customers are the true lifeblood to any organization. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. That’s why the importance of customer service can never be emphasized enough – and also why it is ingrained in everything we do at The Connection®.

High energy, knowledgeable and engaged agents have the power to move your brand to a new level of service, providing high service levels as well as consistent brand representation, messaging and customer service.

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Customer Support You Can Be Proud To Call Your Own.

The Connection® provides outsourced customer support solutions whether you wish to outsource all of your call center needs, or as an additional partner in conjunction with your existing call centers.

We provide the following using a multichannel approach from our suite of services including:

  • Technical Support
  • Troubleshooting/HelpDesk Assistance
  • Enrollment / Eligibility Support
  • Drug & Pharmaceutical Assistance
  • Private Label Wellness Program Support
  • Account Claims/Status Inquiries and Order Placement
  • Reservations & Appointment Setting
  • Lead Generation & Qualification Services
  • Outage Support and other Adverse Events or Emergency Services
  • Complaints
  • Billing & Payment Support
  • General Customer Service Inquiries

We provide all of this using our personalized approach to contact centers so you can rest assured that your customers are being taken care of as if you were doing it personally.

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