Call Center Technology & Updates

As new call center technology becomes available, it is difficult to weigh all the different options and know which path is the most cost effective and trustworthy. New is not always better, but there does come a time when upgrades are necessary. Avoid getting left in the dust with these tips for selecting technology.  

What You Should Consider When Evaluating Call Center Technology & Upgrades

Technology is a significant investment. Whatever technology you choose, ensuring it can scale with your growing organization is important, especially when calculating ROI. Allocating the resources necessary to invest in technology becomes slightly easier when you are certain the technology you have selected will be with you five years from now and can alleviate some concerns of the capital expense upfront.

Make sure that any technology solution you select is compatible with your existing systems. Systems that are not compatible may have trouble transferring or integrating client history or information - one of the key component's to any organization's success!

Be aware of any hidden costs and risks that may be associated with upgrades or new technology implementation - especially if it requires you to make significant changes to your business. These can quickly add up in unexpected ways if they are not accounted for in the beginning of product selection.

Technology has quickly become the lifeline of many organizations. Outages or unexpected downtimes can make a serious impact on businesses. Make sure the system you have opted to use is reliable and provides 24/7/365 support and coverage should you have any unexpected downtime.

It is also recommended there be an internal support person or team that can assist with IT related inquiries and questions. Be aware of the knowledge the individual supporting your technology will need to possess when you select your technology solution. Some solutions may require a skill set that warrants additional certification or higher pay scale, which can quickly add cost to your ongoing fees.

As you evaluate call center technology solutions, you may want to consult the IT team of an experienced BPO provider. BPO technology teams are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of multiple clients with high volume needs. They also have to be on top of the newest technology trends and updates - evaluating their compatibility, effectiveness, and costs.

Consultants from BPO IT teams will be able to leverage their industry experience to:

  • Identify selection criteria to consider when making a decision;
  • Assist with the development of a call center technology RFP, if one is required;
  • Provide insight into solutions that will work well with your program needs;
  • Provide additional or alternative ideas to achieve your goals more cost-effectively;
  • Identify solutions that will scale and grow with your organization;
  • Identify hidden costs that may be associated with technology implementations and updates;
  • Assist with implementation of your selected technology upgrade.