Scalable Solutions for Your Call Center Needs

Grow. Scale. Repeat.

The Connection® Provides Scalable Solutions That Adapt To Your Changing Needs and Call Volumes.

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Grow, Scale, Repeat.

As companies either experience rapid growth or experience an adverse event, scaling to meet their growing program needs can be difficult and handling the added call volume next to impossible. With agents unable to handle the call volume, you leave product sales on the table and risk unhappy clients unable to get through with questions or inquiries. This can dramatically impact your reputation, profitability and future growth.

The Connection® is capable of handling over 100 million calls per year through multiple U.S. based facilities, quickly adding agents to cover significant increases in your contact volume. We have experience working as a sole outsourcer, or as an additional call center to clients who have opted to keep their existing sites and outsource the overflow. When your company needs it, we have the physical location, capacity, telecommunications capacity and labor availability to make it happen.

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