Call Center Training Program Curriculum Development & Audits

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Optimize Your Training Program for Scalable, Efficient and Cost-Effective Results.

Call centers are the center of your brand and customer experience. With many companies, as they grow – adding more personnel, more facilities and a larger footprint – training becomes more difficult and expensive. What traditionally happens is training programs add more training to address issues as that arise, rather than re-evaluate the training program itself. What companies are left with is a training program where only 30-40% of the content is relevant to the company and only 30% is information the employee can use to do their job.

To address this common practice in training programs, The Connection® developed a four step approach that provides:

  • Consistent Messaging Across All Locations;
  • Repeatable Approach to Training for First Time Users and as Refresher Training for Ongoing Users;
  • Scalable Learning Solutions That Can Adapt to Company Growth.

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The Connection® Approach To An Effective, Adaptable and Scalable Training Solution.

The Connection® developed a four step process to provide a customized, highly effective training program for your personnel, equipping them to provide a customer experience that replicates your brand and message.

Our Instructional Strategist partners with your Project Team, complementing and enhancing internal resources providing everything from needs analysis and curriculum design to creation of entire course templates.

At The Connection®, we are passionate about developing the best training solution to help your organization evaluate strengths, develop talent, and manage change. Our Curriculum Development and eLearning Team understands content development and eLearning within the call center environment and beyond.

Working as an extension of your team, The Connection® provides over 150 years of combined industry experience and expertise, ensuring the success of your agents.

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The Connection® utilizes a blended learning approach that combines traditional Instructor Led Training (ILT) with eLearning to provide an overall more effective learning experience. Through a blended learning experience, users are provided an interactive environment reinforced by instructor lessons and role plays.

Instructor Led Training (ILT) courses organize activity around scheduled class meetings led by an Instructor. Traditional courses are measured based on the number of hours spent in class or the completion of other traditional activities, such as laboratories, on-the-job training or side jacking / y-cording. ILT courses may involve computer usage, simulations or engagement, but the course is still anchored to the normal time spent in class.

Our Curriculum Development and eLearning Team can assist with curriculum development for any size training program. Contact us today for more information.

eLearning is comprised of primarily computer and online-based instruction. eLearning may utilize various interactivity within each training module such as narration, user engagement, software simulations and real-life customer scenarios to teach and reinforce hard and soft skills required to perform job duties.

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All eLearning modules created by The Connection® are designed to work within an LMS platform. The LMS platform is accessed by users in which their progress and success during each eLearning module is tracked and reported.

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Knowledge bases are a great way to share content that is quick, easy and searchable. The Connection® provides knowledge base platforms to all of our clients with up to 20 FAQ’s included in start-up. However, knowledge bases are primarily document libraries.

For more interactive ongoing development, The Connection® recommends eLearning modules which provides immersive interaction through gamification. This type of learning is provided through an LMS platform, which enables real time tracking and reporting of individual agent performance.

Training in your organization should be viewed the same way finances are. You should never allow it to go unaudited. Early in the life of every organization, your training program should be audited internally by managers of the call center on a monthly basis to ensure it is addressing any customer and quality issues that may be prevalent. Annually, we recommend bringing in external, independent parties to audit your program for continuity, effectiveness, and scalability. The Connection® provides consultants skilled to review your training program and make recommendations based on your call center and organizational goals.

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