Prevent Bottlenecks & Maximize Cost Savings with Effective KPI Management

Analyze. Adapt. Excel.

Call Center Metrics Provide Insight Into Your Program Allowing You To Adjust Your Program As Necessary To Prevent Bottlenecks From Forming and Maximizing Cost Savings.

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More Than Just Data – Providing Meaningful, Actionable Information.

Balancing the best customer experience with maximum cost savings is challenging for any organization. It takes someone with years of experience to be able to provide insight into how the data collected translates into actionable results.

With any program, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) play a crucial role in program management. Not only can they set expectations for service levels, but they can also provide a level of visibility into your program that can help you identify potential problem areas before they become a threat to your organization’s revenue or brand.

Defining the appropriate KPI’s that report to the success of your organizational strategy and objectives is important for any company.

Some common KPI’s include:

  • Number of Contacts Offered
  • Number of Contacts Handled
  • Percent to Forecast
  • Average Handle Time
  • Average Hold Time
  • Average Wrap Time
  • Service Level
  • Agent Utilization
  • Abandon Rate
  • Quality

Tracking these KPI’s is one thing, but you need an outsourcing partner who can interpret these reports for you and provide value to each level of your organization.

For example, calls handled, agent utilization, hold time, and call abandon rates can provide insights into staffing levels, expenses and cost saving opportunities. Additional metrics around customer service and NPS can provide insight into how your service levels may be impacting your customer experience and brand reputation in the marketplace. as well as whether or not long hold times or higher abandon rates may be hurting your brand.

Find an outsource partner that can help you identify the right metrics for your business as well as provide meaningful information on how to use these metrics to enhance your operations.

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