Easy & Efficient Access to Routine Calls & Inquiries

Interactive Voice Response IVR systems are a critical component to any call center providing a cost-effective way to route incoming calls, conduct voice of the customer surveys, process orders, and confirm appointments to quickly improve first call resolution rates and eliminate the need for repeat calls. 

Start Calls Off Right: Give Customers Information Quickly and Affordably

The call center is the first point of contact for many organizations and customers. Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, systems, allow companies to create efficient, consistent and cost-effective communications across multiple customer service teams or contact center facilities, producing a better customer experience from start to finish. 

Empower your customers through the use of automated interactive voice response solutions, reducing calls to Agents by providing quick answers to routine inquiries and allowing customers the ability to solve their issues through self-service functions or the option to speak with a live operator. When IVR interactions require Agent assistance to resolve a more complex issue, interactive voice response solutions route the customer to the appropriate Agent without missing a beat. By automating the most frequent requests and inquiries, Agents can focus their attention on providing high-touch customer service and technical support saving money and increasing first call resolution. 

The Connection® IVR:

  • Helps Customers Find the Information They Need Quickly, Opting for Self-Service or Live Agent Assistance
  • Identifies Who is Calling and Route Them to the Best Available Agent
  • Captures Information and Pulls Essential Data from CRMs to Deliver Real-Time, Personalized Service
  • Gives Callers Access to Information Even After Business Hours
  • Easily Creates Custom Schedules for Holidays and Special Events
  • Provides the Flexibility to Make Changes to the IVR on the Fly

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