Turn Browsers Into Buyers

While traditional call centers are still important to providing a strong relationship with customers, live web chat has become a medium that many consumers now prefer.  When they visit your website, you want to be able to provide both proactive and reactive measures to increase their chances of buying.

Live Web Chat Solutions

A 2014 study conducted by IT ProPortal found that roughly 77% of consumers would rather chat online when looking at a website than pick up the phone and make a call when they have a questions. Of that 77%, nearly 40% indicated they would rather not buy if they had to pick up a phone.

Online shopping is all about immediacy. Consumers want answers to their questions while online during the course of their shopping experience and without those answers would rather forgo the opportunity to purchase your product or service.

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Fast, Easy and Reliable Answers From Trained Chat Specialists

The Connection® provides certified eReps/Chat Specialists who are trained to give your customers an interactive, immersive and responsive platform for 24/7  live web chat. All chats are tracked and monitored for quality assurance, with regular comprehensive reports and analytics summarizing your customer queries and interactions. 

Three Points of Interaction Once Customers Enter Your Site

We provide three points of live web chat interaction with your customer providing both proactive and reactive live web chat solutions designed to reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve customer conversion rates by 30% .

Upon entry into your site, The Connection® Chat Specialists offer personalized assistance to your customers to help them get to your products faster. During the shopping process, a responsive chat element allows consumers to connect with your brand at anytime for questions or inquiries. Finally, The Connection® engages with customers at the first sign of leaving your website, offering assistance to increase their chances of buying.

With a centralized database dedicated to your business, The Connection® agents can handle everything from routine product questions to more complex technical issues and support.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment & Improve Conversion Rates

By outsourcing live web chat to The Connection®, your company invests in a prompt, friendly, and cost-effective way to:

  • Enhance Brand Image;
  • Build Customer Confidence;
  • Elevate Customer Satisfaction;
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships;
  • Speed Up Customer Service;
  • Improve First-Call Resolution Rates;
  • Reduce Long Phone Queues;
  • Resolve Complex Inquiries and Issues;
  • Increase Revenue and Profitability.