Protect Your Brand Through Quality Assurance

Protect Your Brand With Quality Assurance Defined, Measured, and Adapted To Fit Your Unique Program Needs.

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Quality Process Management

The Quality Manager works closely with the QA Analyst assigned to your account and is responsible for managing your call quality.

The Connection® provides Quality Analysts on-site at each of our call center locations. The QA Analyst holds ongoing meetings with each contact center handling the calls to ensure that all parties are calibrated with your specific goals.

Working with your CSM, calibration calls are then used to communicate findings and evaluate your calls. This can lead to script or program changes to help improve quality call flow.

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Quality How You Define It.

The Connection® prides itself on being a partner to each organization that works with us. Your success is our success – and we embody that notion by providing a personalized approach to your quality assurance program.

At any organization, your quality assurance ensures that your customers see a certain level of service when it comes to your products and brand. However, quality does not necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. Tracking and analysis is part of the everyday world that the agents and Team Supervisors of The Connection work in every single day and reinforcing quality as it relates to your program is priority number one.

We believe the key to any successful quality assurance program is making sure you have a quality assurance program in place that is:

  • Specific to Your Program Goals and Objectives
  • How you Define Quality
  • Trackable
  • Promotes Agent Consistency
  • Provides Feedback

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Our Partnership Approach to Your Quality Management.

The recommended quality plan and process to manage quality is broken down into three major components:

Prior to program launch, a Client Services Manager (CSM), will partner with you to define and develop a quality form in which measurable program metrics or KPI, are developed around your quality definition and objectives. Our CSM will then schedule weekly, bi-weekly and monthly call calibration meetings.

During the calibration sessions, the Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst will work with you and The Connection® program teams to clarify quality discrepancies or issues that may need to be addressed in mentoring sessions or training. Our team will document these calibration sessions in order to track any trends or quality issues that may need additional clarification or training.

The Connection® has taken quality assurance beyond simply quality monitoring and into total quality management. Through the use of our quality web tool, The Connection® Quality Monitoring (TCQM) system, participants are able to monitor calls, complete monitoring forms, provide agent feedback, and analyze results. All calls are recorded for playback during the calibration calls as well.

Team Supervisors are empowered with the tools to monitor and mentor agents by focusing on and analyzing the areas of success, as well as those that need improvement. Through use of the TCQM, Team Supervisors mentor and track agents on individual client calls, as well as overall call performance. Working through your dedicated CSM, the QA Analyst will report any quality concerns or trends on a daily or weekly basis if escalated.