Connect Customer Interactions from Any Device or Channel: Seamless Omni-Channel Call Center Services

Today’s customer has numerous devices, both voice and text-based, with which they make contact. They may use a landline, smartphone, PC, or tablet to make contact via an online tool like web chat, IVR, live Agent, or complete the activity themselves through automated self-service options. Regardless of the channel customers choose to communicate with your business, one thing holds true – customers want accurate, timely, and personalized information delivered on the same channel they made outreach on.

The Connection® provides seamless 24x7 omni channel call center services for organizations looking to connect with their customers. Our outsourced call center services utilize an omni-channel approach combining all customer interactions as they traverse from channel to channel and device to device to create a single, unified view of the customer's journey.

Through our omni-channel approach, Clients who outsource their call center services to The Connection® experience:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction Scores
  • Higher Customer Retention
  • Higher First Call Resolution
  • Higher Profit Margin per Customer
  • Higher Customer Lifetime Value 

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Engage With Your Customers on the Platform They Prefer: 24/7 Omni-Channel Support