Trust Your Name To The Connection®

Some of the largest brands in direct sales trust their names to us and with good reason. The Connection® handles order management, product inquiries, commission, and back office support for direct sales Clients. We interact with Customers, Preferred Customers and Consultants to drive sales, upsells and loyalty delivering a gold standard customer experience that replicates your unique brand and culture. 

Replicating Your Brand to Deliver Gold Standard Customer Experiences

We know, we know, technically direct sales isn't an industry, but rather a method of selling; but when a program is as complex as that of a direct selling organization, we feel it warrants its own page, don't you?  

Direct selling programs are intricate, dealing in varying levels of contact from first time Customers, Repeat Customers, and Preferred Customers up to the Consultants that drive your business. When one bad experience can alienate sales and the Consultants that are the lifeblood to your organization, it's hard to trust an outsource provider to handle calls with the same knowledge, care and energy as you could internally. We get it. That's why we believe that every customer experience is a journey and every journey should be unique to you.

The Connection® has worked with some of the largest direct selling names in the industry delivering a customer experience that drives first call resolution to increase sales and loyalty. We immerse our Agents in your brand, energy and culture, even going so far as to bring your colors, branding and products into the call center space itself so our Agents feel like your Agents - taking pride in being part of your family. 

Blending people, strategy and technology, The Connection® gives you the freedom to customize your services - finding the perfect blend of solutions to meet your organization's needs and performance goals. 

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The Connection® provides an omni-channel approach offering the response channels that best fit your customer's needs through IVR, live operator, live chat, email response, social media, and self-service options.

We handle a variety of inquiries from Customers, Preferred Customers and Consultants providing customer service, technical support and back office services related to:

  • Enrollment of New Distributors/Consultants
  • Product Selection
  • Order Placement
  • Order Status Inquiries
  • Warranty Issues
  • Product Inquiries & Concerns
  • Billing & Payment Support
  • Refunds
  • Distribution of Promotional Materials
  • Bonus & Commission Questions
  • Website Navigation/Support
  • General Complaints & Concerns

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One of the fastest growing organizations in direct selling experienced huge growth and found themselves unable to handle all of their customer service and Distributor calls. They faced a challenge - keep the calls internal which would require huge capital investments for infrastructure and personnel, or outsource the calls to a call center and potentially risk customer experience. Knowing The Connection® as a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and having met our team before, the company reached out to us. 

The company agreed to begin a pilot program providing customer care to their end-users. Throughout this trial, the Client was able to listen to calls and receive regular updates from their dedicated Client Services Manager with the ability to request program changes that would take effect within 24-48 hours. Pleased with the service they received, the company soon expanded call types to include Preferred Customers as well as Distributors. 

Working as a collaborative, strategic partner, The Connection® worked as an extension of their team to:

  • Identify their ideal Agent profile
  • Create custom branded and engaging training
  • Identify and obtain program performance goals
  • Establish metrics for success
  • Monitor voice of the customer feedback
  • Staff accordingly to meet spikes in call volume during month end
A project that initially began as five seats, soon grew into 250. The Client continues to work with The Connection® and outsources all customer service calls for Customers, Preferred Customers and Distributors with gold standard results.
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